MobilePay Materials

New visual identity for ​​MobilePay

During 2017 MobilePay will get a new visual identity. We will update this page when new relevant materials arrive. Currently you can download the MobilePay logo packages.​

​MobilePay logos

Choose the MobilePay logo you want to show at your cash register.

Choose the text you want to feature next to the logo:

  • Pay with MobilePay
  • Please pay here with MobilePay
  • MobilePay

  • One of the above texts should always appear next to the logo. The texts are listed in a prioritized order.

    If you have a webshop it is your Payment Service Provider, who chooses the text. The text can therefore vary throughout the payment flow, due to text space in the different screens.

    MobilePay is always written as one word, with a big M and a big P.

    The MobilePay logo should always be used in accordance with our terms and conditions. We reserve the rights to claim compensation if the guidelines are violated. Please find the MobilePay terms and conditions here​.

    Please find the MobilePay designguide here​.​​