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Payment links making payments easy

Why you will love it

Payment links make it easy for merchants to receive payments and users to pay for services.

By integrating our payment link users pay simply by the click of a button. The MobilePay payment link button can be used in invoices, text messages, etc. And the best thing is; it’s as easy to implement as it is for merchants to receive payments, and for MobilePay users to click and pay.


This is how it goes

This site will take you through the integration process and give you an understanding of our payment links.

Our payment solution is built to be simple - simple to integrate, and when integrated simple to use: In short, by integrating this payment solution, a merchant can receive payment from MobilePay users through a link.

Getting started

Our payment link is a safe (SSL) web URL - as simple as that. It can be integrated as a digital link or used as a QR code in e.g. printed invoices. Integration to Danske Bank’s systems is no requirement, but the merchant that will be receiving money must have a MobilePay Business agreement.

The payment link is constructed from this template.

Here you find an example of a payment to phone number 004512345678 with amount 125,95, and text reference locked for editing: 123456.

Design guidelines​

To ensure consistency you should use one of the enclosed buttons.
Get the image files here.

We recommend that you use the labels 'Betal med MobilePay' or as a minimum "MobilePay". From user testing we have learned that “Betal med MobilePay” converts best – surely, it is a matter of context, and you know best what works for your type of business.



Terms of use

For terms of use, see the payment link license terms.

Payment links can be used in various ways and require no integration to Danske Bank systems. It only requires that the merchant receiving
payment has a MobilePay Business agreement, and that the product is used in accordance with the terms and conditions.

MobilePay Business and our payment links must not be used for online sales e.g. as a payment link in a webshop. If you need an online solution, go check out MobilePay Online. While we like you to stay curious when you use our products and help us discover and develop ways to make payments easy, we kindly ask you to be cool and not make up your own rules ;-) So, links for online sales is a no go.​