What is MobilePay Box?

MobilePay Box is an easy way to keep track of money collections for gifts, school classes, parties etc.

Each MobilePay Box will have a Box ID (e.g. "1234AB") that your friends can send money to.

You may only use MobilePay Box for private purposes and you can have a total of 3 MobilePay Boxes.

You can receive up to DKK 30,000 yearly with a MobilePay Box. When your Box has reached the limit, you cannot receive more money within that calendar year – even if you have disbursed the money. When a new calendar year starts, you can use the Box again.

A MobilePay Box can contain a total of DKK 30,000.

You can pay out money from your Box to yourself, other MobilePay user or you can pay merchants that have a MobilePay number.

Read more about MobilePay Box here

MobilePay Box is an e-money solution. You can read more about it in our terms & conditions.

It costs DKK 19 for every DKK 1,000 you receive with MobilePay Box. So when you have received DKK 1,000 it cost DKK 19 and when you have received DKK 2,000, it will cost DKK 19 again etc. The money are withdrawn automatically from the Box - in that way everyone who paid to the Box shares the cost.

It does not cost anything to create a MobilePay Box and the first DKK 999 you receive are free.

You can see our price list.