24. juni 2022

MobilePay is continuing the rapid growth in Denmark and Finland

MobilePay continues to grow fast and has taken market shares in both Denmark and Finland during the first five months of the year.

Nainen ja mies istumassa tietokoneen ääressä lukemassa MobilePayn artikkeleita.

2022 will become the tenth year in a row with rapid growth for MobilePay in Denmark and Finland.

During the first five months of the year, MobilePay has had more than 197 million transactions in Denmark, equally shared between person-to-person transactions and paid transactions in shops. Compared to same period last year this is a growth of 27%.

In Finland MobilePay had more than 39 million transactions during the first five months of the year, almost 16 million of them being paid transactions. Compared to last year the growth is 63%.

“We are once again witnessing tremendous growth in both our markets. It is quite fantastic to see this growth in an increasingly difficult business climate. As I see it, the possibility of using MobilePay in any kind of payment situation is what gives us momentum,” says Claus Bunkenborg, CEO of MobilePay.

Income based products are growing fast

He is especially happy that the paid transactions grows remarkably faster than the free of charge P2P transactions. In Denmark with 40% and in Finland with 77%.

Claus Bunkenborg, CEO at MobilePay
MobilePay is a business and need income like anybody else, so we are very happy with this development

Claus Bunkenborg, CEO of MobilePay

Online transactions still growing fast in a difficult market

For online transactions, MobilePay almost doubled its performance in both 2020 and 2021. In 2022, web shops are in general under pressure due to consumer worry all over the world. Nevertheless MobilePay Online have facilitated online payments in Denmark for almost 21 billion DKK during the first five months of 2022. A growth of 15% compared to the same period in 2021.

In Finland the online payments volume during the first five months was 247 million Euro. This is a growth of 71% compared to same period last year.

“In a market under pressure MobilePay is still growing as we continue to deliver a unique and simple user experience,” says Claus Bunkenborg.

More users and merchants

MobilePay is also growing in numbers of users, even though it should almost not be possible to do so any more in Denmark. However it does. In one year, MobilePay in Denmark has grown with more than 145.000 users to 4.43 million users. In Finland, the total number of users has now passed 2 million, a growth of 260.000 in just one year. 

Look into key numbers for MobilePay in Denmark and Finland during the first 5 months of 2022 by clicking here (PDF).