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​ The story of MobilePay
- and a few facts


​How it all started

Danske Bank created MobilePay to address the need for very simple money transfers.  The ambition was to make transferring money to friends and businesses as easy as it is to send a text message. 

On 7 May 2013, this ambition was realised with the launch of the MobilePay app. On that day alone, 25,000 people downloaded the app. After four months, there were 500,000 users, and three years after the launch, more than 3 million Danes had downloaded MobilePay. About 70% of users are customers at other banks than Danske Bank.​

MobilePay has been a great success in Denmark for three years and is gaining ground in Finland. As of today, Nordea, Jyske Bank and selected banks from BOKIS have joined MobilePay as distribution partners. This means that MobilePay gets even more resources to invest ambitiously for the benefit of users and businesses.

With the new model, other Nordic banks can also join MobilePay as distribution partners.

​With MobilePay, sending money is just as easy as sending a text message

See how easy it is to send money with MobilePay (00:40).


​​Not just for private individuals

Businesses and charities are also discovering MobilePay. The app is becoming increasingly widespread as a payment solution and can be used in thousands of shops, supermarkets and restaurants as well as in other apps and for online purchases.  

We also offer MobilePay in Finland.

Currently, some 140 developers work with MobilePay to make sure that it continues to be the preferred mobile payment solution.​

Take a look inside
At the MobilePay developer site we guide you through the process of implementing MobilePay as a payment method in your merchant app.

​You can pay with MobilePay inside other apps

Video: MobilePay can be implemented as a payment option in other apps (00.36).

​Facts about MobilePay

  • More than ‌‌3.7 million Danes use MobilePay.
  • More than ‌75,000 shops accept payments via MobilePay.
  • More than 214 million MobilePay transactions take place per year.



​You can pay by holding your mobile up to the Point of Sale device and even get your receipt directly in MobilePay.

Video: MobilePay offers easy payments when you shop. You can even get receipts directly in the app (01.26).

Contact MobilePay

Peter Kjærgaard 

Press Officer

Contact: +45 25 42 42 02



Mark Wraa

Head of MobilePay

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​Download MobilePay

Our app is available in the App Store and on Google play. For the moment the app is available in Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.